How To Use Framer And Lookback For User Research

Create high-fidelity prototypes in Framer for live user testing in Lookback.

As many successful product teams know, user research is a key aspect to designing and creating a better product. It can also improve the quality of your work, help you stay ahead of your competitors, and foster good communication amongst teams and stakeholders. By talking and listening to your users as they interact with your product, you can glean valuable insights into how and why they use it, gather direct feedback on what could be improved, and then build something they’ll actually want to use.

As huge proponents of collaboration and user research, we couldn’t recommend Lookback more for enabling teams to make better apps and websites for their users. Below we’ve outlined a recommended workflow for using Lookback and Framer to get the most out of your user research.

Our recommended workflow:

Create a prototype in Framer.

Start your designs from scratch in Design mode. Draw, insert shapes, add text and artboards, then switch to Code once you’re ready to add interactions. Get started with these tips and tricks and download Framer’s free interactive UI kits and native animations to speed up your workflow even more. You can completely customize your designs to create a truly high-fidelity prototype that looks and feels like an actual app.

Upload to Framer Cloud.

When you’re ready to share your prototype, upload it to Framer Cloud by clicking the cloud icon in the top right corner of the app and then clicking Upload. You’ll get a shareable link to your prototype, and you’ll also be able to edit project details and access previous versions on your Framer Cloud dashboard.

Set up a test in Lookback.

  1. Go to your Lookback dashboard and create a new project.
  2. Select your project type, give it a name, and set permissions.
  3. Select “a website or prototype” for iOS testing.
  4. Use the link to the Framer prototype when you set the landing page.

Use Lookback Live for moderated testing.

Talk face-to-face with participants and record their face, screen, and voice. Ask questions, get candid responses, and see participant reactions in real time.

  1. Send your project’s unique Live link to as many participants as you’d like. You’ll be able to see when someone joins the session via your Lookback dashboard.
  2. Once the participant receives the link, they’ll be walked through setup and app installation.
  3. Invite colleagues and stakeholders to watch the session in real time via Lookback’s web-based Live player. Observers can take collaborative notes that will be saved on the session.

Review your results.

At Framer and Lookback, we built our tools to empower teams to validate their ideas and give their work the greatest chance of success. We hope this workflow makes it easier to share full context from the get-go, provide feedback, and ship the best possible version of your product.

Learn more about how Lookback can help your team with user research and see why Framer is the best interactive design tool for teams.

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This piece was written by Sarah Lim and is a joint collaboration between Framer and Lookback.